With love, Tereza.

With love, Tereza.

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Manolo Blahnik: THE ART OF SHOES

Prague, Czechia
Ever dreamt of having your own hallway with a collection including the nicest sparkling heels featuring a brand like Manolo Blahnik? Now you can at least visit Manolo Blahnik's shoe heaven (literally) in Prague at Museum Kampa where his exhibition The Art of Shoes is presented. But I am sorry to tell you tho, you won't be able to take them home with you. Anyway, you can still cry over the shoes (even several times) if you have time as the exhibition is open until 12th November 2017. So do not miss it all the Carrie Bradshaw/Marie Antoinette/ shoe fans! 

Remember the scene from the Sex and the City when Big proposed to Carrie with.. her iconic Cindarella-like blue Manolo Blahnik's satin heels with a crystal buckle (nope, not a diamond ring but who would complain with this alternative)? Who could ever forget, right? You can see the similar-style-shoe there!
Did you know that Blahnik's father was Czech? 
With love, 
T. x

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