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This Is What I Promise To You, 2017.

Each and every year, people spend loads of time to think up their new years resolutions or they stick to the old ones with a thought of finally fulfilling them - because they did not manage it last year. Why do we find it necessary to give ourselves different tasks each year? Do we need the pressure from people asking us: ”So what are your resolutions for new year?” or "How are you doing with your ny resolutions?” Do we need a plan to look forward to tick off things from our list? Or is it simply because we’ve been doing this since - who knows when -  and we are so used to it? 
… To be completely honest with you, my usual answer is I DON'T KNOW. For me, 1st January is not like a brand new start and a slow beginning especially since the time I've started uni and I have usually several deadlines right after NYE so I cannot properly “finish off my year” by the end of December. I am usually in the process of writing essays and if I wanted to take New Year seriously I would have to celebrate it on 16th of January this year when I manage to finish my first term assignments. It just doesn't make sense sometimes to play a game of how many tasks I would be actually able to fulfil during the upcoming 365 days when I barely know what's going to happen next week.