With love, Tereza.

With love, Tereza.

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How many times have you heard the cliché "I want to work in fashion because I really like fashion"!? Probably like hundred times, right? I have said it couple times too before I actually realised that the reality is different.
Before I came to university, my idea of future was me having a glamorous fashion career in London or New York. (The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City had a massive impact on me back then I guess). I clearly had no idea what sort of realistic career in fashion I would want. It was just my interest, I did not come across anything fashion-related in high school, I had no portfolio, so on and so forth. But at least I had something to enjoy as a teenager. But let's face it, your teen dream of being another editor of Vogue is slightly unreal.

Collecting Vogue magazines every time I travelled somewhere lasted me for a decent 4 years. I still have all of them, even though they take quite a lot of space in my room back home. When I started uni, I immediately joined fashion society because, yes, fashion was (and still is) an important part of my daily life. At that time, I felt like being a fashion member was the only way how I could do more of what I like. Things have slightly changed after the first year, my journey continued and I became Media and Marketing Manager of fashion society in my second year. And finally, I moved to the presidency now in my third year. Somehow I feel like the society is my baby and I can not simply leave it. I want to be a part of it, I want to see it growing. And I am really happy now that this has been my decision!

I visited an event in the V&A museum in my first year. But it was still way too early for me to skip the cliché saying "I want to work in fashion because I really like fashion". Everything was changing and developing 24/7 in my life and something has changed by the beginning of my second year. Maybe I have done quite a lot of new things, I had my first internship in digital marketing and I started to see things in a different perspective. And being in London changed a lot as well.
In the end, I had my first internship in the "real fashion industry" this summer in a boutique in London where I was doing digital marketing and personal styling. I kind of realised how I can potentially connect my two interests together (fashion and digital marketing) but I do not want to expand on it too much as even now, I am still moving forward and I come across new things pretty much every day.

But why am I writing this?! Basically, I visited the V&A museum yesterday again for the same event (Making it: Careers in Fashion) as in my first year, but a lot has changed since then. This time, I knew straight away which talks are relevant to me, compared to the last time when I visited all of them just because it was all fashion (even if it was about a career in designing shoes). But that is how we as individuals develop. You just see what you enjoy and what not. And I know designing shoes will never be my future direction.
However, I heard great talks from Phoebe English, Grace Wales Bonner, Joanne Yulan Yong, Twinks Burnett or Emma Hope Allwood - from fashion designers to creative directors or fashion magazine editors. This event shows you such a variety of successful people. What is more interesting is the fact that almost everyone did not do any fashion-related degree at schools or even universities. It just happened one day, they changed their hobby into a career... and this is what makes you leave this place very motivated and inspired.
This article is not supposed to tell you any "impressive" story. It is just my reflection after yesterday's talk when I had a moment and realised what has changed in the past few years in my life. There is still so much to do and achieve now and in the future. But what I wanted to share with you by writing this article is the insight into the self-development. It might potentially help some of you with your self-development too if fashion is something you like to do and surround yourself with.

I do not know if fashion industry is the only thing I want to be part of in the future. But what I know for sure compared to my first year, are the little bits and pieces which will create something together one day. I know how hard it is for the majority of people I have met to say what is their "dream future career". There are people who know immediately what they want to do and then there are those who are searching on the go. I do belong to the second group but I know I am closer to fulfilling my dreams every day. On top of that, meeting such talented people from varied backgrounds and jobs really does open new doors for you.

There is one thing which I wrote down at the Phoebe's talk yesterday."The best way to do fashion is to stay away from fashion". I think the point is in not overdoing and over trying things. Just do what you like and enjoy it without any pressure from the outside. After all, fashion might end up being solely my hobby or it might eventually end up being my career. But as someone said yesterday, "always find what is relevant right to the moment and do it".

So if I can give you one advice, do visit similar events because they might show you the direction which you might want to follow one day yourself. You will have a wider insight into the industry and you will get to know more people and their stories.

With love,
T. x

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