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With love, Tereza.

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Blog Hop - Vacations to take

Vacations to take

I received an email today to participate in a Blog Hop made by Amy and Kam - 30 Days of Lists . I did a 30 Days of Lists in March 2013 and it was a great experience for me. Blog Hop means that you can choose any topic from older challenge 30 Days of Lists (specifically from March 2011) and make your own - but you have to share it to your social media. My chosen topic is called "Vacations to take". Those who knows me well are not surprised by my choice. I'm a huge lover of travelling - the reason why I really like to visit new places or see them again.

It's really hard to make a little list because basically I would like to travel a lot and see the world. I think lots of you have the same feeling as me. These are my top 7 which came into my mind at the moment.

1) Scotland - Edinburgh, Glasgow
I know just some basic information but I would really like to explore Edinburgh or Glasgow some day. Both are historical cities and I love its picturesque streets and small little (vintage) shops.

2) Iceland
I'm not a big fan of nature (you know.. "city girl") but Iceland is different. It's like a new wonderful and mysterious place where you can explore all its beauty. It's kind of adventure which opens your mind.

3) New York
NEW YORK! Place where the dreams come true and a place which never sleeps. I've been there once when I was 13 years old... so I would love to go there again to see it after 6 years. Because I know I would do different things and visit different places. You know, you can't get enough after only one week. But I am proud that I got a small digital camera and took some great photos which I truly enjoy today.

4) Milan
Every time when I'm in Italy I'm impressed. Milan is a place where you can see the interconnection of history and modernity. But I think that almost everybody knows Milan for its fashion.

5) Ireland - Dublin
I do not drink beer but in Dublin I would make an exception and try its traditional Guinness beer. But believe me, it is not the main reason why I would like to go there. More likely I remember Dublin because of the Trinity College. Did you see its breathtaking library?

6) Bali
Place were Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat.Pray.Love found mental peace and I totally understand it. For me Bali is a completely different world. Place where you can see Elephants, different types of architecture and also interesting culture.

7) Lisbon
I do not know how many people have the same feeling as me but when I see photos from Lisbon and San Francisco I think they look really similar. The only difference is that Lisbon is in Europe and was influenced by many artistic movements. For that reason it is a beautiful historical city. I love how colourful Lisbon is and also I felt in love with the library (which is in the picture).

I hope you like my list. What are your favourite or dream places to see? 

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