With love, Tereza.

With love, Tereza.

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Louise Dahl-Wolfe

83 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3XF, UK
A Style of Her Own.

Her photographs are renowned all over the world. Her portfolio includes photographs of people, iconic portraits, Hollywood stars and fashion photographs made especially for Harper's Bazaar magazine (and other magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair etc.). Hard facts, Harper's Bazaar published 600 of Louise's photographs in colour, 86 front covers and more than 3,000 b&w photographs. The Fashion and Textile Museum gives people the opportunity to see a fraction of her work including some of the most famous magazine covers, portraits and fashion photographs. Definitely worth a visit!

Visiting such exhibitions is something which truly develops my relationship with art (and fashion and photography, in this case). Sometimes we forget that we should take a break in this fast-paced world and enjoy some time broadening our horizons with art and culture to boost our creative thinking. At least for me, art and culture serve me as an inspiration and it is something which helps me take my mind off things.

It's amazing to have the opportunity to see such a great work of such a great artist, don't you think? I mean, it was only a few years ago when photography was one of my main hobbies. It still is to this day, don't take me wrong, but things are a bit different (I went in a different direction with my life). Right now, I find myself jumping around blogging, making videos and taking photos but I no longer undertake any photography sessions to concentrate on a portfolio. It is rather a hobby or interest, you name it. And these events/exhibitions are exactly what makes me realise that sometimes I want to get back to it and create something even just for fun - and I will. My 2018 will be a year when I focus more on my hobbies and creative projects.

The exhibition is open until 21st January 2018. Do not miss it (you can also see some of Dior's first dresses which are shown here for Dior's 70th Anniversary).

With love, T. x

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