With love, Tereza.

With love, Tereza.

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Christmas Mood?

London, UK
November has just begun and I have appeared in a café at the airport to get my regular cup of coffee before my flight. I am sitting next to the main corridor and looking at the busyness of this place. But something is different this time. It is the music in the background. It seems like it is socially acceptable to put the Christmas music playlist once the calendar hits 1st November. Yes, all the famous Christmas carols and festive songs. To be completely honest with you, I am a bit sceptical about getting in the mood for Christmas now. Growing up in a country where Christmas season for me was mostly indicated with the first snow as well as with the first Sunday of Advent, it is hard to get into the mood now. There is no snow. Okay, I must admit that it is freezing cold outside, but it is still not as cold as during proper winter. However, it has all changed when I had my last sip of coffee and Coldplay’s song “Christmas Lights” started playing. My all-time favourite song. It never feels too early for this one. So suddenly I look around and wonder where all these people go?

Is it Vienna? New York? London? Imagine all the Christmas markets and festive decorations at such places. I have decided to give you a little sneak peek of 4 places and their Christmas atmosphere. Believe me, if I had more space, I would give you a whole Christmas tour. But I picked my favourites, such as you all have your favourites too. Maybe you have already visited these places or maybe you have not. I think the whole magic of Christmas time is in the change. All the places suddenly look so pretty, alive yet calm and festive. Is it the decoration? The Christmas spirit? The people and their mood? You name it. It is different for each of us and that is the most special thing. Even if you are or are not a big fan of Christmas, you can always find something to make you happy at this period of time. Enjoy the holiday season! 
With love, T. x 

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