With love, Tereza.

With love, Tereza.

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Weekends in London

London, UK
I spent quite a lot of time wandering around different parts of London recently so I've decided to put everything together and share a single post with loads of photos and video with you guys. 
Enjoy it!

28 February, 2016
I love those spontaneous trips when you have no plan where exactly to go, you just take your camera and you're looking for some fancy places where you can take photos (London has so much to offer when it comes to street art, graffiti, etc)... and at the same time you're going around the typical cliché places and still and all you take thousands of photos like if it was the first time you see it. 
5 March, 2016
.. Or then comes the time when you actually go to see something particular like we did on Saturday 5 March. We went to an event called Making it: Careers in Art and Design. Which was basically a whole day full of lectures and talks by people from different industries. (E.g. Fashion Journalism, Product Design, Fashion Photography,..). I truly enjoy events like this because you can actually find a bit of yourself as it really can help you to find out what you could possibly do in the future or just give you some motivation and inspiration.  
 With love, 

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