With love, Tereza.

With love, Tereza.

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London and disposable camera.

London, UK

So.. I bought a disposable camera again to capture the London world from a different perspective than just a phone and this is what happened..

I used it during my graduation and I still can't get enough of all the photos from this day. So, I bought another one (whoo). It seems like this is the only way that actually makes me print the photos (because with disposable you kinda have no choice if you ever want to see the photos). So, I've decided to make more effort this year - with photos, albums, and all that jazz. Maybe because it might be my last year here in the UK but also because it's the perfect opportunity to share some tips and exciting moments with my family, friends and people who read my blog (– once I am finally in London, not just outside London haha - sorry RHUL, I had to)!

I'm at the airport now - I hope you already got used to the fact that most of my posts are written during the time I sit in the departure hall waiting for my flight (ya girl needs to kill the time somehow).  

So,.. it's been 6 weeks since I started studying and living in London... how? It feels like I've been here for just a week but also for years (you get me, right?). There's way too many thoughts, experiences, memories to share but I will keep this short. I promise more will come in other blog posts. I just wanted to take some time to tell you I'm alive and show you the pics. 

London - where old meets new. 
This always fascinates me. You wander around the streets, all the tall glass buildings around you and boom, an old Victorian house right in the middle of this busy chaos. Welcome to the City of London. 

Sneak peak to our university. The photo on the left is the entrance to our Business School where most of my lectures take place. The photo on the right is a cute library corner (I will leave the Harry Potter vibes for now). 

Bricks, concrete... sometimes it feels so indifferent, yet other times you have a mixture of so many things. Like the old/new photos above. London is a strange multiverse of it all. It's worth just walking around London (yes, the tubes are a nightmare sometimes and buses can take forever in a bad traffic). In this case, walking is definitely a better option - if it does not rain (although it does have its magic too sometimes) or if you don't live far away. 

The top one is a view from my work (one of many street arts in Shoreditch) and the photo below is one of the many flower cafes that have recently opened in London (we all know that it's just for the 'gram). 

I mean, it's London. Its fast lifestyle always reveals something new. The city wanders can open your eyes so much and you can find really interesting and nice places/ things. Generally, it's the best way to discover the city. 
And also, I just read an article about the Piccadilly lights - it's been a year since they switched them back on after few months of renovations. It was the first time they were turned off for such a long time since the World War II if you don't count special events and power cuts. I remember how weird it looked like pitched black. According to BBC, the screen is now shared by 6 advertisers with Coca Cola being one of them since 1954. Thought I'd share this with you - a little bit of London education. 

Anyway. London, you've been great so far. But truth be told, I need a break haha. Thankfully KCL also gives us a reading week, so here I am. Waiting for my flight to go home and recharge my batteries. Thank you for reading. Talk to you soon!

With love, T. x

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